Welcome to www.ophomeless.com

This website has existed for 3 years and is due to close. Previous to this website we maintained other websites for the purpose of #OpHomeless and #OpSafeWinter in addition to maintining the expense of domains and hosting for localised #OpHomeless projects worldwide.

An archive of this website can be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/2019*/ophomeless.com

It is with regret that we have decided to cease all our humanitarian work done under the banner of "Anonymous".  Our work will continue but outside of Anonymous; we will still help maintain different websites and apps meeting their expenses, we will also still continue to fundraise (privately through our own means) in order to help meet the expenses of the different websites we help maintain as well as providing much needed finance to different groups helping the homeless worldwide. 

Why we are leaving Anonymous and decided to operate outside the banner of Anonymous:

Anonymous is an idea, a banner in which people can attribute their humanitariann work to. The core principles are freedom of speech, freedom of expression and a desire to help humanity and expose and fight against the injustices of our world.

In the last few years it can be seen that some areas of "Anonymous" have totally forgotten the main core principles, they do not allow for free speech nor freedom of expression, they have become political, they attempt to claim exclusivity over their work, some even attempt to have power over others by instructing people what they can and can not do. 

As an example, there is one person who goes by the name of "Mark Lubbers" who is prolific in social media and is known for the "Anonymous Bites Back" webshows.

Mark Lubbers has essentially told a multitude of lies to many people over the last few years.  An example of these lies are:

  1. We make a profit from the name of Anonymous.
  2. We are not Anonymous.
  3. People should not help in the ops we support as we make a profit and we are secret agents of the government attempting to collect peoples personal details. 

Our response to Mark Lubbers to refute his lies are:

  1. Our response to Mark Lubbers claim that we make a profit: We do not make a profit from the name of Anonymous. None of our websites have adverts, none ask for donations, none have crypto mining. Quite simply, from these facts which can be verified using archive.org it would be impossible for us to make any form of profit whatsoever. 
  2. Our response to Mark Lubbers claim that we are not Anonymous:  We draw attention to the "Anonymous Creed", in particular the points which state the following:
    Any individual can become Anonymous
    Anonymous has no head
    No one speaks for Anonymous
    Why Mark Lubbers lies saying we make a profit (when facts clearly prove otherwise) in addition to attempting to claim we are not Anonymous is unknown. We can only assume that he wishes to attempt to persuade people to not help in the Anon Ops we support. 
  3. As for Mark Lubbers stating that we are secret agents of the government attempting to collect peoples personal details, this is quite a preposterous ridiculous idea. Bearing in mind that we have attempted to help various activists and hacktivists fight against their persecution through raising awareness and finance for their legal fees would show that we are not government agents. Also, contrast this to the approach of Mark Lubbers who approximately 2 years ago obtained an IP address from CGAN wordpress website from a blog, he then put this IP address within one of his multitude of "Anonymous" chat rooms. His actions in this regard undoubtedly show who is attempting to collect and distribute peoples personal details. 

Mark Lubbers lies in an effort to persuade people helping in Ops that we support can all easily be refuted via facts and evidence. Why Mark Lubbers has chosen to repeatedly lie is unexplainable, there is no reason as to why he has done this. His repeated lies has effectively persuaded some people to not help in the Anonymous Operations we support. One example of this is as part of opfreeanons we maintain opfreeanons.com plus a multitude of other websites outside the banner of Anonymous and some under the banner of Anonymous. Mark Lubbers lies caused our only point of contact for freejameserobinson.com to no longer helping in this op. This caused us to terminate the freejameserobinson.com website since the Lubbers lies prevented any further help with James Robinson, therefore we saw no reason to maintain the website and op as it could no longer be updated nor helped. 
There are further examples as to how Mark Lubbers lies have caused some people to no longer help in the Anon Ops we support.

Due to the example of lies told above, plus other reasons of websites being constantly attacked, other people blindly following the Lubbers lies and repeating them (without checking facts first), we as an element of Anonymous have decided to no longer remain within Anonymous. To this end we will carry on in our efforts to help humanity but this will be done outside the banner of Anonymous. 

To any newcomers of Anonymous, you should know that the core principles of Anonymous are free speech and freedom of expression along with a desire to help humanity whilst remaining non political. 

There are no leaders of Anonymous. There are no bosses of Anonymous. All are equal.

People such as Mark Lubbers who has been seen to claim exclusivity over the Anon Ops he assists in, his attempts at being a dictator (examples telling people what they can and can not do in MMM such as not displaying a flag), his repeated lies in an effort to stop people helping in Anonymous Ops (if they are not part of his exclusive ops) and his total regard for anonymity by making public personal information within his chat room of others - clearly these actions are not representative of Anonymous. 


We are Anonymouswww.iamanonymous.com