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Savills – Removes possessions from homeless


Allegedly, a security guard from “Savills” removed possessions including a sleeping bag, leg brace and crutches from a homeless man.

Nearby  restaurant owner Rajeev Rana said: ‘It’s truly disgusting what happened. The guy, who was aged mid-20s, couldn’t even crawl, let alone walk.’

‘We quickly gave him a shot of brandy to warm him up along with more hot curry and rice.

‘He told my staff a guard who patrols the residential block overnight had aggressively tried to move him on.

‘When he pleaded to be allowed to stay for the night, the guard stripped him of his sleeping bag, gathered up his brace, crutches and belongings and threw them in the residential bins and promptly locked the bin store, so the homeless man could not retrieve the items.’

The security guard seemingly works for Savills, a company  running the Islington Gates block.

A spokesperson said: ‘We take these kind of accusations very seriously and we are currently in talks with the third party security contractor who has launched a full investigation into the alleged misconduct.’

Update, 10th April 2018:
Savills have agreed to replace the equipment removed from the homeless person.


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