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McDonald’s staff assaults homeless


A homeless young women claims she was soaked with water by a McDonald’s staff member whilst sleeping rough in the restaurant’s doorway.

Georgia Kenney, 19, sleeps outside McDonald’s as she says she feels safe as it is lit up and has CCTV.  A McDonald’s employee poured water around and under her, wetting her sleeping bag and clothes.  This assault was witnessed by a Council worker who told Leicester Mercury “I could see the pavement was wet and as I got closer to McDonalds this guy smirked and chucked the water under the rough sleeper. He did not try and wake her up.

The homeless teenager Georgia said:

“I told him he could have woken me up first and get me to move instead of doing it while I was sleeping”

“It was very cold this morning and now I have to stay in wet things all day and hope my sleeping bag and blanket dries out before tonight.

“My shoes were also stolen in the night, my socks were soaking wet and I’ve had to borrow a pair of shoes from a mate.”

“Two passers-by saw what was happening and told him he was out of order.

“He doesn’t like us homeless. He gave no explanation why he hadn’t woken me.

“It’s disgusting what he did to me. I sleep there because I feel safe. The lights are on in the restaurant all night and there is a camera right above me. I sleep quite good.

“Most people are quite nice really, and polite, you hardly ever get a rude person.”

A McDonalds spokesperson tod Leicester Mercury: “We apologise for this incident. Although the person in question was asked to move by a crew member initially, we appreciate that more consideration needs to be shown in the future and we are addressing the matter with the employees involved.”

The statement seemingly suggests that the employee involved in this assault is still an employee.

Further reading & video: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/19-year-old-homeless-woman-2698983


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