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Lloyds Bank Foundation – Special Award #OpSafeWinter


UK based members of Anonymous have launched Operation Safe Winter; a project aimed at providing people who are homeless with life essentials whilst also raising awareness of the effects of austerity and the UK’s housing crisis. Home For The Homeless

Launched on World Homeless Day in an international effort to battle against homelessness, Anonymous branches around the world will work alongside other social justice campaigns, reports RT.

Founded in November last year the programme developed out of an array of charitable projects, and in 2013, OpSafeWinter provided homeless support in 12 different countries. It was particularly active in Britain, America, and Brazil.

Britain’s East Coast Homeless Outreach (ECHO) project, currently up for a special award from the Lloyds Bank Foundation, originated from Anonymous UK’s efforts to support homeless Britons in 2013.

Anonymous UK formally announced the launch of their 2014 #OpSafeWinter initiative in a statement published on Pastebin. The group said it wished to address the lack of compassion and care that has become commonplace in “this age of consumerism.”

“No longer shall we stand by and watch isolation and fear be spread by the establishment, which is killing and destroying community and lives. We all have a voice, so make yours heard, you are the power, your choice, your life, you are the motivation for justice,” Anonymous UK said.

A spokesperson for Anonymous UK, who goes by the name of JediKnight, told Shout Out he is planning a special event, #OpFeedTheHomeless, in London on November 5 as part of the wider OpSafeWinter program. The hacktivist said he has organized teams to collect donations for the homeless.

“We want all people going to London to bring a drink and a sandwich to donate,” he added.

Original article from: https://www.supportsolutions.co.uk/blog/client_groups/homelessness/opsafewinter_launched_by_uk_anonymous.html


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