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Homeless to be evicted from church graveyard


The vicar of St. Giles parish has indicated that homeless people who have setup tents in the church graveyard will be evicted. Rather ironically, St Giles is the patron Saint of beggars.

The gates of the graveyard have been padlocked and the church is in discussions with the city council and police.

At the time of writing, eviction notices have not been issued and it is at the moment just a threat. However, noted is the fact that seemingly none of the homeless within the graveyard have received any help from the clergy of the church nor its parishiners.

St. Giles clergy has been contacted for comment in relation to the above, any comment will be updated here. (This is a live blog).

Contrast these actions of St Giles church to those of an Islamic mosque whereby the Muslims are actively helping any homeless or vulnerable person they see around their mosques.

St Giles is the patron saint of beggars, for St Giles church to disregard the homeless peoples needs just beggars belief.

Shame on you, St. Giles.


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