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British homeless man spray painted dies


Video footage of a homeless man being sprayed with paint has caused outrage on social media.

It is thought that Arron Jones voice is on the video saying: “This is how we deal with the beggars on the street” and “There he is, sprayed to death.”

Arron Jones has since spoken to newspaper reporters who called at his home and denied any wrongdoing saying that he needs police protection. The newspaper reporters were told by Arron to leave his home otherwise he would call the police. The reporter pointed out to Arron that the police were already at his home to which Arron replied they are there for his protection.

Cleveland Police said: “On Sunday afternoon police received a call from a member of the public saying she had come across a video of what appeared to be a man spray painting another man near the Tesco Express Store on the High Street in Normanby.
“A post-mortem examination has been held and although the death is not being treated as suspicious police believe this man was the victim of a previous incident of assault which resulted in the man being sprayed with red paint.”

Detective Inspector Matt Hollingsworth said: ‘Police are aware of the speculation on social media regarding the cause of the man’s death but we are not linking the assault with his death.’

Above photo showing Arron Jones outside his home.
Below photo showing floral tributes left at the scene.


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