Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Welcome to Anonymous. We are from the internet, we are here to help.  Looking for support? Looking to help Anonymous #OpHomeless and #OpSafeWinter ?   Make a group, go out, help homeless – list your group on the map below, or find existing groups near to you.

For furtther details of map please see:  http://anonymous.support/map

Welcome to ophomeless.com – To become involved, please search your social medias for #OpHomeless or #OpSafeWinter groups near to you, also add and search for groups on the Anonymous Map at:  http://anonymous.support/map
This website will be constantly updated in the future with news, ways to help facilitate the op and also an app.  If you have any suggestions for this site, app, or op, or if you need assistance or wish to provide assistance with this op you can also visit Anonymous Chatrooms for #OpHomeless

Recent posts

Savills – Removes possessions from homeless

Allegedly, a security guard from "Savills" removed possessions including a sleeping bag, leg brace and crutches from a homeless man. Nearby  restaurant owner Rajeev Rana...

McDonald’s staff assaults homeless

A homeless young women claims she was soaked with water by a McDonald's staff member whilst sleeping rough in the restaurant’s doorway. Georgia Kenney, 19,...